All the tools governments need to provide online services in one platform.

Form Builder

Create the forms that users will interact and engage with using the drag ‘n drop web form builder.
Mobile-friendly, accessible, secure and multilingual from the start.

Workflow Designer

Define each step citizens and staff go through. From the initial submission, to the back-office tasking,
customize each step required to fulfill the service. No coding or technical skills required.

Service Discovery

Create a complete searchable and filterable inventory of the services you provide online for your Citizens.
Service Discovery can include links to existing forms, applications and web content.

Reporting Suite

Create dynamic reports that can be shared with your various stakeholder groups. Measure granular
operational data for supervisors, aggregate data and highlight trends for executives, create area specific reports for elected officials.
The options are limitless.


MyAccount is the hub through which you engage with all your users: citizens, front-line staff, supervisors, managers, executives and elected officials.
Configure the experience for each of your unique stakeholder groups and let them further personalize their experience through their profile settings.

Say goodbye to PDFs

Improve the citizen experience and do away with costly PDFs.

The Form Builder allows governments to create dynamic, responsive forms that are accessible and mobile-friendly. Users who login through MyAccount will have their progress saved as they go. Meaning that citizens can fill out complex forms at their leisure, free to step away and to pick up where they left off by logging back in at any time, from anywhere and on any device.

Additional Features

OpenData Friendly

We support Open 311 and Open 511 data protocols, and all data can be exposed for OpenData consumption.

Online Payments

Enable online payments using our fully secure payment gateway. Alternatively, if you already have a payment gateway we can connect to it for payment fulfillment.

Knowledge Base

Store and access government knowledge quickly and with ease. 311, staff, elected staff, citizens… tailor the experience per user.

Always up-to-Date

Whether you are using our SaaS or on premise solution, your system will always be kept up-to-date. No surprise upgrade costs.

Form Auto-fill

With MyAccount, logged in users can have forms pre-populated from their profile information. Saving citizens time and delivering a personalized experience.

Life Events

Make it easy for citizens to complete all the tasks associated with life events like having a child or buying a home. Intuitive and easy experiences for your citizens.

Multi-Channel Notifications

Citizens choose how they want to be notified for different services. Options may include: SMS (text messages), Facebook, Twitter, Email, Phone (IVR) and mail.


Allow citizens to receive reminders for tasks they need to complete such as renewing a license or paying a parking ticket.

Closed-loop Tracking

Citizens can track the progress and status of their interactions with government from start to finish, and every step along the way.

Geospatial Reporting

Create service/activity related heat maps to gain insights about the geographical distribution of your services.

SLA and KPI Tracking

Define and track performance against service level agreements and key performance indicators. Gather the data needed to refine and improve service delivery over time.

App Sharing

Become part of our community of service innovators and share forms and workflows with your colleagues around the word.

Sample Supported Services

Across every corner of the public sector, we enable the processes that the public sector is built on.

Growing list of service examples that can be enabled with DigitalState. But of course you are not limited to these, you can enable any Digital Public Service.

Information Requests

Tax Payments

Grant Funding Request

Social Services Eligibility

Register for a Recreation Program

Change of Address Requests

Pay a Parking Ticket

Construction Permits

Animal Licensing

Building Permit

Artist Grants

Driver's Licence

Fishing Licence

Street Closure Permit

Recreation Programs

Library Card

Immunization Records

Lobbyist Registry


Water Bills

Traffic Violations

Facility Rentals

Vehicle Registrations

Beach Conditions

Delayed Garbage Collection

Winter Parking Ban

Fire Ban

Boil Water Advisory

Service Request Status

Report a Noise Complaint

Report a Pothole

Missed Garbage Collection

File a Police Report

Submit a Claim

Health Card

Register a Newborn

Accessible Parking Permit

Voter Registration

Criminal Record Check

Voting Reminders

Birth Certificate

Hunting License

Tax Credits


Business License


Employment Insurance

Report Low Heat

All that, on any device.

Reaching your citizens is easy, we can deliver your services on any device.

Supported Mobile Devices; iOS, Android and Web

Any Device

Enable online services on any device to reach your citizens.

Mobile native support for all services

Branded App

Secured and dedicated app for all your services. Runs smoothly on iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry.

Mobile and smarter services

Smarter Services

Leverage mobile’s built-in geo location, camera, and push notification to provide smarter services.

Lock icon

Security and Trust

Our top priority

Host in the Cloud or

Host, compute, and store, how you want, and where you want. Run everything in the cloud, compute in the cloud and store data on-premise, or run everything on-premise.

Secured Software and Servers

End-to-end platform security. DigitalState is secured and hardened meeting government standards, end-to-end, by default.

Full Platform Auditing and Logging

All actions and activity across the platform are logged and available for audit.

Secured Connections

All connections between servers, data centers, third-party applications, government systems, and networks are secured.

Retain Full Data Ownership and Access

You own your data, always, and at all times. Access, report on, export, or delete data without delays or restrictions.

Redundant Servers, Firewalls and Backups

System wide security is insured through redundant servers and firewalls. Robust backup and restoration systems are used to guarantee your data is secure and is never lost.

Threat Monitoring and Defense

24/7 Monitoring and active defence against performance, security and privacy threats.

System Wide Security SLA

Platform wide security SLA providing response times, reporting on security issues, mitigation plans, data reporting, and audit access.

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